Secondary School


Welcome to IMAS Secondary School

We would like to take you on a quick journey with shots of our secondary school.


Here in IMAS, we enable your child to flourish through excellence and beyond. If you are looking for a place that prepares your child for university and future career, you have come to the right place.


In IMAS, we inspire to nurture students to reach their potential and develop to become independent and confident learners. This is a critical stage where students should already be in preparation to a battle field. With that in mind, we have created appropriate social and work environment to guide them in the challenges of learning.


Lessons are generated in a way to create interest for the students as well as to adapt the nature of critical thinking. We impose active learning where students engage in activities that promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of class content. Students do not depend solely on teachers and books; they unleash their mind to explore a world beyond the walls of the classroom.


To galvanize our students to become prominent contributors, teachers prepare them to be fully equipped with skills both inside and outside the classroom. It is our responsibility to ensure that your child is comfortable and given appropriate attention to enhance and deepen their knowledge. We maintain a balance of fun learning and intellectual discussions.


Students are provided with a platform to demonstrate their proficiency and analyze different point of views, flourishing their communication and research skills. In IMAS we inspire every child to engage positively from multiple perspectives. Students are flooded with challenges that reinforce comprehensive learning and expose students for real life experiences.


We aim to help our students rise to their potential and excel in their future careers. We create opportunities for students to become active citizens in the community and inspire them to become lifelong learners.


IMAS ensures its students gain university recognition by offering them a chance to graduate with Cambridge international certificate. Cambridge IGCSE is a two year programme designed to provide students with a wide range of subjects that adapts learner centered and enquiry based approach. The international Cambridge curriculum improves professional thinking and practice to develop the learning quality. It instills leadership and other professional development that grant qualifications with real value.


We also offer our grade 12 students with a chance to graduate with a Ministry Examination certificate, highly accepted in universities worldwide.


Subjects offered are:


Grade 7-9


Subjects :

  • - Mathematics
  • - General Science
  • - English
  • - Arabic
  • - Bahasa Malaysia
  • - Islamic Studies
  • - Holy Quran
  • - Art
  • - ICT

Grade 10-11


Subjects :

  • - Mathematics
  • - Add Math
  • - Physic
  • - Chemistry
  • - Biology
  • - English
  • - Arabic
  • - Islamic studies
  • - ICT
  • - Accounting
  • - Economics
  • - Business Studies

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