Fee structure

Tuition Fees


External examinations fees for IGCSE or A Level are not included in the Term Fee invoice, but are notified separately at the appropriate time of the year. Fees are payable within 30 days of invoicing or before the examination sessions, whichever is earlier.


Families may incur additional costs during enrollment and these costs include, but are not limited to the following :
Bus Transport Bus fees are set by the service provider and invoiced directly by them.
Uniforms Sold separately at the School.
Food Services Kindergarten students are required to bring their own snacks and lunches. Primary and Secondary School students can access the food services available at canteens and convenient store throughout the school and payment is made directly to the school’s caterer.
Chromebook Device, Books & other school resources School Fees don’t include Chromebook device, Google Chrome Management Console, Education Perpetual, textbooks, exercise books. Replacement of lost or damaged textbooks, exercise books, library books and other school resources are expected to be funded by the student/family.
Trips & Activities Costs for Outdoor Education trips, sports and optional trips as well as paid activities/events on offer by the School will be notified by the relevant departments at the appropriate time in the school year.

*IMAS Offers Scholarships for Deserving Students

**All Malaysian Students are eligible for a Scholarship with a 50% Tuition Fee Deduction for Primary & Secondary and a 40% Tuition Fee Deduction for Kindergarten.

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