Primary School


Welcome to our primary school

IMAS has designed a hub for its students with limitless capacity to learn. At IMAS we kindle our students to grow and develop learner skills in a fun and appealing environment. IMAS has thoughtfully paved a path to truly inspire and support every child’s education.

With the image of our future children in mind, IMAS has created a space that is innovative and creative to educate bright inquiring minds. This is an integral setting of a successful foundation as it will have a positive impact on their future learning.

We ignite curiosity in the classroom to build critical thinking and analytical skills that will shape them to be confident and successful individuals. In addition to that, we foster strong moral values in our children by teaching them to be loving and respectful to each other.

Classrooms in IMAS are always lively as we inculcate active learning for students to deepen their knowledge and seek improvement academically, socially, as well as at a personal level. We also provide the students with the opportunity to discover their interests and talents.

Our children are always gaining experience by contributing in projects and internal competitions that test their knowledge. Reading programs and the diverse range of activities give students the platform to apply their ability, thus creating an academic passion that leads to excellence.

From young we nurture our students with religious studies that will strengthen their values and produce faithful and devoted contributors in the world. We also ensure that our graduates are bilingual and ready to compete with the future. Hence, we offer Bahasa Melayu and Arabic as foreign languages.

Within our dedicated and stimulating environment, IMAS poises students for secondary. It helps identify the weakness and strength of each child and prepares them for a smooth transition. Hence, our goal is to inspire students to be curious independent thinkers.

The core subjects taught are :

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Bahasa Malaysia
  • Islamic Studies
  • Holy Quran
  • Art
  • ICT

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