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Head of School

In choosing the perfect school for our children; quality and strength of instruction is only one of many factors we must consider for their betterment.

At the International Modern Arabic School however, we offer you bright prospects for your child’s future with a heavy emphasis on the values that we hold dear. We seek to create leaders in their own right, confident and capable and above all God conscious and with a mind to leading and contributing towards society at large and the Ummah as a whole.

We imbue our students with these lessons through our unique teachers, carefully managed curriculum and superb attention to standards and the latest educational benchmarks. Coupled with state-of-the-art facilities, a success-oriented IGSCE and Cambridge curriculum and our highly competitive tuition rates, the International Modern Arabic School can serve you well in ensuring the proper upbringing and academic success of your children.

We are proud to be a pioneer and the biggest school offering an all-inclusive multi-disciplinarian education distinguished by a strong foundation in the Sciences and Humanities, maintained in parallel to a no less attentive focus on Islamic moral education and Arabic studies; truly one of its kind.

Our school is run on a ‘not for profit’ basis. We are an educational foundation and all of our revenue from school fees is used to invest in the education of our students and to maintain and develop the quality of the school’s facilities and resources.

We would like to hear from you in order to better clarify the opportunities and potential our school holds for your child. The IMAS family welcomes you with open arms, glad for the opportunity to serve and excel.